Update on SHERPA/REF

Work is continuing on the development phase of SHERPA/REF.  We anticipate that the beta version will be available in early June, and will initially inform contacts from our stakeholder engagement work in January.  We will then seek to obtain qualitative feedback from within that group.

We continue to discuss requirements with funders and today held an online focus group with research support staff to gather their opinions and reactions to the live beta service. This was valuable in exploring the level and complexity of information that should be displayed on the user interface.  The participants shared the instinct of CRC staff that a clean, simple interface is preferable, with opportunity to view more detail if required.

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Report on Getting the Rights Right webinar

Almost 400 participants registered for the UKSG webinar on Getting the Rights Right – or When policies collide! yesterday, organised by UKSG and the CRC.  In addition to strong interest from the UK, registrations came in from another 24 countries including every continent (except Antarctica).

Prior to the webinar, delegates were asked if they had specific questions or areas that they would like to be covered in the presentation / discussion. A considerable number of queries were received – some were very specific but many fell into one of the following themes: compliance; modes of Open Access; repository matters; interaction with publishers; advocacy; funding; and copyright.

Registered participants will be sent a link to the full presentation and it will also be made available on the UKSG website. In addition, Bill will follow up the issues discussed in an editorial in UKSG eNews in mid-June.

A Storify of tweeting before and during the webinar is available at: 

Researcher’s view Diagram

Slide from Getting the Rights Right webinar 19/5/15 Bill Hubbard CC-BY

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Getting the Rights Right – or When policies collide!

The CRC and UKSG are pleased to announce final details of the webinar on 19th May.   The Open Access policy environment is growing more complex and more demanding in its needs, and now more significant in its implications. Getting the Rights Right – or When policies collide! will consider how we find our way through the forest of requirements, options, exemptions, variations and special cases that institutions and individuals have to handle with Open Access policies. Join Bill Hubbard, Director of the Centre for Research Communications, for an informative and practical webinar.

This is a free webinar and open to all. If you are interested, but unable to join the live event, please register anyway as a recording will be made available to all who register.


  • Date: Tuesday 19 May 2015
  • Time: 1400 BST
  • Duration: 45 minutes including Q&A (up to 60 minutes maximum if there is sufficient demand for an extended Q&A
  • For more information and to register, please visit

SHERPA/REF Stakeholder Consultation report

Following the SHERPA/REF Stakeholder Consultation exercise which took place in January 2015, Research Consulting and the CRC produced a report which was subsequently presented to HEFCE, together with the Service Specifications Report, user stories and other outputs.  The CRC has always intended to make the report available under a CC-BY licence, with the permission of HEFCE, and the public version of the report is now available for download at: Research Consulting – SHERPA REF Consultation Report.

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CRC webinar on Tuesday 19 May

The CRC is looking forward to partnering with UKSG to offer a webinar on Tuesday 19 May.  In the webinar Bill Hubbard will discuss the development of the SHERPA/REF service and other current Open Access matters. The webinar will be live, to enable audience participation, and it will also be recorded to enable registrants to watch and listen to the recording at a time more suitable to their time zone or schedule.  Registration will open in late April.

As the key organisation connecting the knowledge community of librarians, publishers, and intermediaries, UKSG offer free monthly webinars to encourage the exchange of ideas on scholarly communication.


Preparing for the next REF is only 12 months away!

FOSTERBill Hubbard is speaking on this topic at today’s Open Access: A Good Practice Exchange meeting. This interactive workshop aims to equip research managers and administrators with an understanding of tools to support the open access publication life-cycle and strategies to monitor and enhance institutional compliance and researcher engagement.

The workshop is being delivered by ARMA (the professional association for research managers and administrators) as part of the FOSTER initiative to enhance understanding of and compliance with Open Access regulation.

Bill will be discussing the SHERPA/REF service that is currently under development, and the stakeholder consultations that have helped to shape this process.


SHERPA/REF Author Survey

A key purpose of the Author Survey was to find out how useful it would be for authors to be able to access a service that provides clear and accurate information on whether a journal’s open access policy complies with the open access requirements for REF.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, there is significant demand amongst the author community for such a service.

A Stakeholder Analysis report discussing the response to this and the other survey questions was sent to HEFCE in mid-February, together with details of the technical requirements of the service.  The report should be made available under CC-BY licence within a month, but some preliminary findings are given below:

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Supporting open access in the post- 2014 REF

As part of the SHERPA/REF development phase, the CRC commissioned Research Consulting to carry out a consultation to identify stakeholder requirements and inform specifications for the proposed SHERPA/REF service.  A series of semi-structured interviews and two online surveys were conducted in January 2015. The draft report from this consultation was delivered to HEFCE in mid-February.

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The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) has commissioned the Centre for Research Communications (CRC) to develop a new service to support authors and institutions in meeting the new open access (OA) requirements of the post-2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF). The new service, called SHERPA/REF, will build on the current portfolio of SHERPA services and it will help authors and institutions ascertain whether a journal allows them to comply with the REF policy, and what to do when it does not.  This blog will update authors, librarians, administrators and other stakeholders on progress with the service.  We are also tweeting at @SHERPA_REF.