RoMEO and JULIET Updates for May 2015

During May 2015 updates to SHERPA Services included the addition of policy information on the US Department of Energy and Arthritis Research UK to SHERPA JULIET. The number of publishers included in SHERPA RoMEO is now 1837;  updates included the major changes to policy and policy URLs for Elsevier.


New policies added to RoMEO:

No. Publisher RoMEO Colour Date Added
1 Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Instituto Universitario La Corte en Europa Green 21-May-2015
2 University of St Gallen, School of Humanities and Social Science, Center for Governance and Culture in Europe Green 26-May-2015
3 Srpsko Biološko Društvo Green 27-May-2015
4 Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society (ECSSS) Blue 27-May-2015
5 Verein Informationspraxis Green 28-May-2015
6 Burlington Magazine Publications White 28-May-2015
7 McMaster University Green 28-May-2015

Updated entries

No. Publisher Update Date Updated
1 Elsevier Major update to policy and policy urls 01-May-2015
2 Elsevier España (Elsevier Doyma) Major update to policy and policy urls 01-May-2015
3 Elsevier Masson Major update to policy and policy urls 01-May-2015
4 Elsevier (Cell Press) Revised policy 01-May-2015
5 ELK Education Consultants Updated policy website 01-May-2015
6 American Psychological Association Included policy on institutional repositories 20-May-2015
7 CEUR Workshop Proceedings Policy Update. Blue to Green 27-May-2015
8 American Medical Association Review of policy. Added PDF can be used 28-May-2015
9 Mary Ann Liebert: BioResearch Open Access Updated locations of deposit 28-May-2015
10 Linguistic Society of America Added Embargo period 28-May-2015
12 Catholic University of America Press Updated entry to clarify that archiving is not permitted 28-May-2015
13 Ferrata Storti Foundation Reviewed and updated policy. PDF use allowed 28-May-2015

Journal Exceptions

No Parent Exception Date
1 Michigan Publishing Weave UX 21-May-2015
2 Future Science Future Science OA 26-May-2015


New policies added to JULIET:

Funding Agency Update Date Updated
US Department of Energy Revised wording at request of funder 20-May-2015
Arthritis Research UK Updated policy website 28-May-2015