Supporting open access in the post- 2014 REF

As part of the SHERPA/REF development phase, the CRC commissioned Research Consulting to carry out a consultation to identify stakeholder requirements and inform specifications for the proposed SHERPA/REF service.  A series of semi-structured interviews and two online surveys were conducted in January 2015. The draft report from this consultation was delivered to HEFCE in mid-February.

The interviews:

Fourteen telephone interviews were carried out with individuals representing the following stakeholder groups:

  • Two repository staff
  • Two research office staff
  • Three senior library or/and research office staff
  • Four academics (two from scientific, technical, engineering and mathematic disciplines and two from humanities and social sciences)
  • One representative from RCUK
  • One representative from Jisc
  • One representative from the Wellcome Trust

The surveys:

The surveys were publicised on key distribution lists and social media, and a HEFCE Press Release.  We are very grateful to members of the stakeholder community who publicised them within their institutions.   We’ll discuss some of the more significant findings on this blog and also tweet survey sound bites at @SHERPA_REF.  In both surveys we received responses from institutions representing a range of university mission groups.

  • 5% of the academic authors who completed the survey were lecturers or researchers; 23.7% were professors; 8.3% were research fellows; 8.9% were post-doctoral researchers; and 2.4% were Ph.D. researchers. It was useful to elicit responses from authors at all stages in their academic/research careers.
  • Of the administrative staff who responded to their survey, 53.6% were library staff; 26.8% identified as repository staff; 27.6% represented research support staff; with 11.9% reporting other job titles. We recognise that these categories are not mutually exclusive.